Friday, October 28, 2011

Introducing SimpleK1 Visa Guide


The SimpleK1 Visa Guide is an eBook that contains over 120 pages of instructions, examples and little known strategies that will ensure your success in getting a K1 Visa. It's available as an instant PDF download so you can get your hands on this valuable information today.

By following my Seven Easy Steps in this guide you'll:

Get a K1 Visa Fast - in half the time that it could take to do it yourself
Save Thousands of Dollars - my guide only costs $197 and is packed with as much information about getting a K1 Visa as you could get from a Lawyer for $2,000+
Hardly break a sweat - instead of trying to figure it all out on your own, you'll have a proven roadmap to get you through this process almost effortlessly.

Created by a Lawyer

Since the SimpleK1 Visa Guide was written by an experienced Immigration Lawyer, it's the most accurate and comprehensive guide to the K1 Visa you can get. The SimpleK1 Visa Guide has been used by countless couples to successfully get a K1 Visa and is even being used by some Immigration Law Offices ... Imagine that, you can use the exact same guide attorneys are using to help others get K1 Visas—for thousands of dollars less than using one.

I was not born here but I am a Naturalized American Citizen. As many Naturalized Citizens often do, I intended to marry a girl from back home. When I wanted to get the K1 Visa for my Fiance and myself I tried it the hard way. I asked people in my neighborhood. I looked online, I tried to get information from non immigration-law attorneys. Then I seeked council with an immigration law attorney; then another one for a second opinion.

The Whole process was a Nightmare for me. I wish I had been better prepared for the situation, but unfortunately I was NOT. I eventually did not marry my fiancee. Not because of the K1 process but for other reasons completely :-( I can say however that this process brought further stress to our relationship… I want to save you that stress, trust me, I know it's not your fault that there is so little information out there.

Anyway, after all the knowledge I acquired regarding the K1 Visa; I thought to myself that people should be better informed about this K1 Visa Process. I've done my research over the years and am now able to guide you through better decisions in getting the right kit for your fiance visa.


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