Monday, October 31, 2011

Adwords Guide

Year Old California Gas Attendant Discovers The Dirty Little Secret That Slashes PPC Bids To Mere Pennies, Boosts CTR's Over 2,043% and Skyrockets Your Profits… 100% Guaranteed!"

If you're frustrated, jealous, and just plain sick of watching other people succeed at PPC marketing while the only thing you're succeeding at is blowing cash, then keep reading, because this could be the most important letter you'll ever read!

It's not easy being a PPC marketer nowadays.  With more and more people learning about and wanting to make money online, the competition gets fiercer by the minute.

The internet marketing forums seem to grow exponentially month after month with people eager to start making money from the comfort of their homes.  And there's nothing wrong with people being passionate about what they're doing BUT...

It's becoming increasingly difficult for people like YOU to compete with the thousands of other affiliate marketers out there vying for the same keywords and promoting the same products!

In fact, I'd be willing to bet:
    You've probably tried choosing "relevant" keywords only to get lots of clicks but no sales…

    You know what it's like to go to sleep so excited...only to wake up, run to your computer and then find out that nobody has clicked on your ads.

    You know what it's like to blow through cash like there's no tomorrow, heck sometimes you feel like there's a vacuum cleaner attached to your credit card!

    You have that looming fear every time you start a new campaign...hoping you don't become the next PPC horror story

You've been there done that, and I'm here to tell you it's not your fault!

You see, I used to be one of those marketers, struggling day after day, trying to find the perfect combination of long-tail keywords, adcopy, products, merchants and setting up the "perfect" landing page - all with the hope of making some decent scratch with PPC.

But after thinking long and hard about the way I was approaching my marketing I had an epiphany.  I decided to take another approach, and my profits went through the roof!

I no longer have that helpless feeling of not being able to compete with thousands of others marketers.  I am confident when entering ANY new market - even when I see tons of competing advertisers paying wallet-draining PPC bids.

Making money online is so much easier now.  And you know what?

Nowadays I log on to the internet marketing forums and read about marketers desperately trying to "make it" with PPC marketing - digging for long-tail keywords, slaving away on market research and shelling out 30 cents or more per click...

While I sit back and wonder,

"Will These PPC'ers Ever Really Become Successful?"

Because while every other PPC marketer is either blowing huge wads of cash bidding on competitive keywords or frustrated that they're getting a measly two clicks per day, I'm stomping my way through highly competitive markets, easily funneling thousands of visitors a day to my affiliate offers for pennies per click.

Yes, you read that right…

And this isn't just random untargeted traffic, either.  I'm talking laser-focused traffic that's ready to convert and make your current ROI look like preschool math.

But don't just take my word for it.  Look what experienced Adwords marketers had to say after reading Ad Infiltration:


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